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Colibricks is an exciting brick game for MacOS X and iOS. Like in other similar brick games, the goal is to destroy the bricks on the screen using one or more balls. But for the first time in brick game history, these balls actually behave like real balls! When a ball hits the corner of a brick, it doesn't just go back in the direction it came from. Instead, the exact point of impact is calculated, and the ball bounces off the corner just like a real ball would. Balls also collide with each other, again using precise mathematical formulas.

But of course it's also a lot of fun to play! Colibricks features rotated bricks, so instead of boring horizontal grids, you'll get circles, spirals, and all kinds of other combinations. And different kinds of bricks can activate lots of special effects. Some give you extra lives, or equipment like the laser. Others will split the ball into several new balls, slow it down or speed it up, make it bigger or smaller, etc... Did I mention balls can have any size? From a tiny speck to a giant boulder with appropriate mass, naturally.

Lots of time went into the graphics. Colibricks now uses OpenGL to display sharp graphics at any resolution. Bricks and balls are rendered in 3D in real time. And all this is drawn over a very diverse collection of backgrounds, different for each level.

Is the game too difficult? Do the balls go too fast? Colibricks has a training mode that lets you play a game at a lower speed, with a bigger paddle, plain backgrounds, etc... Of course, the hall of fame is disabled during training.

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