By Michel Colman

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Solving a “hard” kaodoku

(For a much easier example, click here)

OK, so you know how to solve easy kaodokus. But how do you even get started on the hard ones? Well, here is an example that really shows off the particular complexities that can present themselves in kaodokus. It’s a puzzle with chaotic rather than square outlined areas, and four additional gray areas where every symbol has to occur once as well. Plenty of opportunities for interaction between all those different regions! And of course, not a single full symbol is given.

Hard kaodoku

Here are some of the things you can find to get started (all independent from each other):

There may be different ways of making progress, but these are the ones the Kaodoku hints function would suggest. Don’t worry if you think you could never have come up with these, that’s why it’s called a hard puzzle! The Kaodoku app has many degrees of difficulty so you can start with the very easy ones, progress through easy and medium to hard, and one day move on to very hard, fiendish, insane and perhaps even ludicrous!

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